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I was so horrified at the food waste stories on the news last week that I have really started to look at how I live. According the the news reports, about half of all the world’s food is thrown away. That’s terrible. Supermarkets reject food because it doesn’t look perfect and consumers throw things out just because a label on the packaging tells us that the food is out of date. I am guilty of buying 2 for 1 deals when I don’t really need the second one and often end up throwing it out because it’s out of date, and I’m guilty of not really using up all my leftovers.

And it stops now.

Everyone I’ve spoken to about this has offered up ideas for making things last longer – and have admitted to wasting far too much as well. So I thought it might be fun and useful to write a daily blog about following my escapades as I try to make things last longer and reduce the waste I generate. I’d love to hear your ideas and I hope that sharing my thoughts (and everyone’s ideas!) might help us all to live a bit more frugally and be a bit more environmentally friendly.

I don’t want to be all preachy and I don’t plan on trying to live on thin air. I just want to behave better when it comes to grocery shopping (not just food!). I’m not a chef or a nutritionist. I’m just a single mum who wants to waste less and stretch my budget a bit further. So, I’m going to ask for your thoughts and advice, and I’m going to test products – highly unscientifically no doubt – to see what the best buys really are.

I also think that many of us have lost some skills somewhere along the line. My Grandma would never have wasted food in the way that I do, and my Mum is much better at planning meals for the week and conjuring up tasty meals out of what’s left than I am. So, I’ll look at that too.

Come and join me on my mission to live better and waste less! Hopefully we’ll save a few quid in the process too 😀

Jane xxx

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